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qualities of sweetgrass!

Avalon Farm sweetgrass . . . for crafting, incense and smudging ! !

Sweetgrass (hierochloe odorata---North American variety)
is grown all-natural, with no pesticides or herbicides. It is
hand cut, dried straight, especially for basketweaving or
other crafts. Length is from 18 to 36 inches long. Drying,
and storage, takes place in a dark, dry environment, to
maintain the green color. The color will eventually fade
with age, and turns to a golden-brown. The vanilla-like
scent lasts indefinitely.

This is the sweetgrass used by Native American Indians
for basketry, and smudging. It is often braided, and
burned for its scent in ceremonies. It grows in Europe,
and North America, where the people of both continents
considered this plant to be sacred. Other species grow
many places around the world.

Sweetgrass can be coiled, as you would in pine needle
basketry, and can also be made into cording for use
in conventional baskets.
Sweetgrass Price List - 3/25/2021